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Whitney Nicole

A women's empowerment cultivation coach. 

I help women step outside of stereotypical roles in order to discover who they truly are. I assist by mapping out their goals, building up their self confidence and defining their core values so they can live life with no regrets!

Hey Sis! I'm


Just Whit

I became a mom in 2002 at 15 years old. Yep, just 15 years old! It was hard being a single teen mom for sure. There were many things that I wasn't taught as a child myself, so I sought validation in men, family members, friends, foes, work or anything that provided attention except from within myself. 

As a result life threw curve balls that could have been avoided but as the saying goes "EVERYTHING happens for a reason". From failed relationships being financially broke and emotionally broken to miscarriages, failed business ventures and a burnt out nursing career it has given me the tools and resources to find my own purpose to help other woman overcome. 

One thing about me, I WILL ALWAYS take responsibility for my actions. Everything that I've experienced I own and use to my advantage to help build up those around me. I've been down, depressed, anxious, sad, angry and any other emotion you could insert so Yes, I understand. It took a  boat load of self discovering, self development, and self care to truly love myself fully.  Living by the motto "I get what I want because I make it happen" It gives me great honor to declare that I am whole, I am healed, I am happy and I am powerful! 

The Coach

My passion for woman goes far beyond words can describe. With my own personal overcoming, I truly believe that God has equipped me to be a vessel to assist woman get over the same road blocks that kept me bound. With a Bachleors degree in nursing and certification in coaching, I have the educational experience to support life lessons. 

I help woman excel! Rather its discovering your limiting beliefs, formulating a financial routine, regaining your self confidence or simply creating a plan to tackle the goals you once had prior to motherhood I am dedicated to  helping you! 

In short, empowering woman is my super power! 

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Don't stay anywhere that keeps you from being the best version of yourself"

-Whitney Nicole

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