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I’ve been in your shoes! I've wondered how to step outside of my comfort zone and live the bold and fulfilled life that I wanted and now know that I deserve. I know what it feels like to struggle as a single mom, to struggle with lack of money, lack of resources, lack of self esteem and all the crazy shit that life sometimes throws at you. I have felt powerless, unfulfilled, unattractive, unsupported and unwanted for years before my breakthrough.


There is an answer for you too! You can live boldly, have the life that you desire, break generational curses and overcome trauma from your past. Welcome to the Wellness Homegirl podcast, the MEGA-CENTER for all things wellness where I will give you all the tools, tips, tricks and hacks to help you master your limiting beliefs, and take your life to the next level based on the 8 pillars of wellness!


Every Monday I will bring you advice, inspiring conversations, the conversations no one wants to talk about, and expert insight from industry leaders on various topics. Sis, It’s time to stop just living and making it through the day to day motions.......ITS time to be well!

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